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Angels Gate Cultural Center Printmaking Studio Services
Classes and Workshops
Drypoint Intaglio Printmaking Class

8 Sessions
Wednesdays 6:00 to 9:00pm
July 8th - August 26th

$250 + $25 Supplies

Focus on a printmaking process that is closely related to drawing because of its immediacy and expressiveness. Drypoint is an intaglio process that does not require the use of chemicals. Incising techniques are used to create images on an acrylic plate in order to run a small print edition. Other printmaking processes will also be introduced. Experimentation is strongly encouraged. All levels welcome.

For inquiries on Printmaking Classes, please contact our Community Programs Administrator, Terry Gerald: or 310-519-0936

To register for printmaking classes please fill out the following form and send it with payment to:
Attn: Terry Gerald
Angels Gate Cultural Center
3601 South Gaffey Street, Box #1
San Pedro, CA 90731

Registration Form - Printmaking

screen printing

screen printing

Fully equipped printmaking studio for intaglio, relief, monotype, and silkscreen printing.

Master Printing Services:
Work closely with our master printer to create limited editions of your prints - this service is for artists who desire to create limited editions of prints, but do not necessarily possess the printmaking expertise needed, or are not interested in the technical side of printmaking. The close collaboration with our master printer includes discussion of artist's vision for the desired print, the most suitable printmaking technique is identified, followed by platemaking, and subsequently proofing, and printing the limited edition. We work with emerging, as well as well established artists. Our studio has produced prints with artists such Hirokazu Kosaka, Peter Liashkov, Betsy Lohrer Hall, Jennifer D. Anderson, Carol Es - just to mention a few.

Studio Rental:
This is a service we offer to artists who wish, and are able to work independently in the studio. After introductory training session, the studio can be rented on monthly, daily, and hourly bases.

Workshops and Seminars for Groups and Individuals:
If you want to sample what printmaking has to offer, or if you want to focus on one technique only, we are here to help - work with our experienced instructors in safe, and well-equipped printmaking studio.

About the Studio
print shop

  • Japanese Etching Press with a set of 3 printing blankets (pusher, cushion, catcher) - pressbed size: 51" x 27"
  • Electric Press with a set of 3 printing blankets (pusher, cushion, catcher) - pressbed size: 48" x 25"
  • Lithographic Press - pressbed size: 58" x 33" - complete with set of press bars: 12", 14", 16", 18", 21" and 23"
Screenprinting Equipment:
  • 7 screens - size: 26" x 36"
Screenprinting squeegees:
  • one 6", one 10", one 29" squeegee
  • three 22" squeegees
  • 2 emulsion coaters - size 14"
  • Screenprinting table with clamps
print shop

Paper Preparation Equipment:
  • Paper preparation table 92" x 48"
  • Paper cutter: 25" x 25"
  • 30" Stainless steel tear bar
  • 2 Aluminum 48" rulers
  • 4 scissors
  • Paper soaking tub: 26" x 31"
  • Blotting area with set of blotting towels
Inking Areas:
  • Large glass inking area: 36" x 36'
  • 2 glass inking areas: each 32" x 20"
  • 2 portable glass inking areas: each 34" x 22"
  • marble inking slab: 37" x 21"
print shop

Tools, and other useful things:
  • 8 palette knives
  • 2 razor blade scrapers with razor blades (for clean up)
  • Stiff tarlatan for wiping intaglio plates
Brayers and Rollers:
  • five 2" brayers
  • five 3" brayers
  • three 4" brayers
  • three 6" brayers
  • one 18" roller with wooden stand
  • two 24" litho rollers with wooden stand
print shop

Plate Preparation Tools:
  • 2 files for beveling
  • 4 sets of clamps with protective coating
  • sharpening stone
  • 2 small scrapers
  • 2 small burnishers
  • 1 etching needle
  • 1 electric dremmel tool
  • 2 vertical etching tanks for etching copper - 27" x 24" (currently without etching solution)
  • 1 flat etching tub with lid - 9" x 7" (with ferric chloride for etching copper)
  • 1 Aquatint Box
  • 1 Hot plate
Materials for clean-up:
  • paper towels, spray bottles, rags, telephone books, newspaper, cleaning supplies
print shop Paper drying areas and storage:
  • Drying Rack - 50 shelves - size:48" x 32"
  • 9 Print Drying Boards - size: 48" x 32"
  • 10 Flat files: 48" x 53"
  • 10 Flat files: 44" x 35"
  • Storage shelves and drawers.
Other work areas:
  • 3 tables - 48" x 31", 48" x 29", 48" x 30"
  • Chairs
The studio has access to hot and cold water, to bathroom and to electricity.

For more information please contact Terry Gerald:

print shop

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