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Past Exhibitions - 2013:
Gettin' off the Ground:
Contemporary Stories from
an American Community
Out of the Blue
Michele Martínez

May 12 - Jan 10, 2014

The Family Room
Oct 27 - Jan 10, 2014

Picking Up the Pieces: A Suicide Prevention Project
Oct 27 - Jan 10, 2014

What We See
Oct 27 - Jan 10, 2014

Whats Alive In You
May 12 - Aug 2, 2013

Shared Skies
Kim Abeles

Jan 27 - Apr 26, 2013

The Wreck
Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli

Jan 27 - Apr 26, 2013

Searchin': Los Angeles and the Quest for the Sublime
Curated by Mary Coyne

Jan 27 - Apr 19, 2013

Los Angeles National Forest
Keith Rocka Knittel

Jan 27 - Apr 19, 2013

Free Water: Wilderness and Infrastructure
Eloisa Guanlao

Jan 20 - Mar 8, 2013

Forest, For The Trees
curated by Heather Hoggan

Jan 20 - Mar 8, 2013

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Free Water: Wilderness and Infrastructure
Eloisa Guanlao

January 20 - March 8, 2013

eloisa guanlao
Eloisa Guanlao

Eloisa Guanlao's investigation of water in southern California takes her to the heart of modern notions of wilderness, western settlement, the dynamics of rural-urban divide, and the tension between technological development and ecological aesthetic. She is interested in understanding the historical and current attitudes about water. Guanlao looks at current attitudes by setting up her "water" truck alongside food trucks at various streets in southern California where she conducts a water survey and distributes maps of southern California water sources. Her survey results, along with careful historical research into water usage anddistribution infrastructure, reveal a heavy human impact on the natural distribution and process of the water cycle. The general public will have the opportunity to trace the results of her finding on a large-scale floor map of California water sources. They will also be able to determine for themselves the cost and benefits of water usage in southern California.


Eloisa Guanlao was born in the Philippines. Her artistic research is informed by her experiences living in the Philippines, Wisconsin, Virginia, Minnesota, Hawaii, France, and California. Eloisa Guanlao attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Carleton College, and the University of New Mexico. She currently makes her home in Los Angeles.

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