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Sep 6 - Oct 25, 2009

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Sep 6 - Oct 25, 2009

For Fame and Love
Jul 19 - Aug 23, 2009

Lisa Bartleson: Luminate
Jul 19 - Aug 23, 2009

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May 3 - Jun 14, 2009

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May 3 - Jun 14, 2009

Christine Nguyen: Dark Matter of Fact
Feb 28 - Apr 12, 2009

Kurt Franz: Desublimated Landscapes
Feb 28 - Apr 12, 2009

Nov 16 - Jan 24, 2009

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For Fame and Love
July 19 - August 23, 2009

Opening Reception: Sunday, July 19, 2-4 PM

Kris Chatterson, Linda Day, Fatima Hoang & Jay Lizo

Curated by Devon Tsuno

FOR FAME AND LOVE is an exhibition exposing the quintessential, yet taboo components of art making: ego and love. Through different approaches -- abstraction, performance, language and music, Kris Chatterson, Linda Day, Fatima Hoang and Jay Lizo create works that embody the authentic search for an unattainable equilibrium in art making.

kris chatterson
Kris Chatterson

linda day
Linda Day

fatima hoang
Fatima Hoang

jay lizo
Jay Lizo

Kris Chatterson's, large-scale, abstract paintings personify an essential human confidence in mark making. His new works are energetic calligraphic clusters, which express willful and impulsive body movements. Chatterson received his MFA from Claremont in 2004. He currently lives and works in New York City, and is represented by Western Project in Los Angeles.

Linda Day's paintings are like the quiet percussive rhythms of the heart. Day's "Between/Beyond" stripe paintings are a creative fusion between the corporal body, and the technological landscape. In an investigation of an ambiguous figure/ground, a voluptuous transparent application of acrylic paint is applied with a love for process. Linda Day lives and works in San Pedro, currently shows at Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles, and is a professor of painting and drawing at CSULB.

Fatima Hoang, "The Rockness Monster" is the 2005 US Air Guitar National Champion. Hoang won fame and cult status on websites like You Tube and USairguitar.com, while his videos, performances and sculptures have been exhibited at Conner Contemporary in Washington D.C., the Huntington Beach Art Center, and Concrete Walls Gallery in Los Angeles. He received his MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 2005, and is currently the co-director of Summer Camp exhibitions in El Sereno.

Jay Lizo's installations of text collages and watercolors reflect on concepts of love, and include a "time warp" of images from historic concerts, protest rallies and riots. Lizo samples from an eclectic library of images: from the Montgomery Bus Boycott, to Studio 54, as well as the passionate lyrics of Patsy Cline. Lizo received his MFA from UCSB in 2005, and his work was recently featured at Concrete Walls Gallery, and Portrayal/Betrayal, curated by Habib Kearaydar at Long Beach City College. Lizo is also the co-founder of Monte Vista Projects in Highland Park and currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

FOR FAME AND LOVE is curated by Devon Tsuno is the founder/director of Concrete Walls Gallery, which was in operation from 2003-2009 in Los Angeles. His paintings have been exhibited at Sam Lee Gallery, Happy and Carl Berg Gallery; and is currently painting and drawing faculty at Cal State Long Beach, Cypress College, East Los Angeles College and the University of La Verne.

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This exhibition is sponsored in part by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.