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MFA Residency - Syracuse University

Studio Artists Alumni
Call for Work: Hold Up
Deadline for Submissions: Friday, November 20th, 2015

The etymology of sustainability comes from the Latin sustinere (tenere: to hold, sup: up). The ensuing phrase "hold up" evokes conflicting images: a pillar and a blockage. To change personal and collective patterns for the sustainability of the planet creates roadblocks, rerouting us to explore uncharted terrain. Hold Up aims to investigate what happens when we change course through looking at the emotional, political and material implications of sustainability defined broadly.

Seeking a wide range of perspectives, the exhibition takes as its starting point the landscape surrounding Angels Gate Cultural Center. San Pedro is home to both a major port with a strong history of labor organizing as well as a precarious coastal ecosystem. Hold Up asks how can we support ourselves materially and the environment simultaneously? The exhibition seeks examples of organizing between labor and environmentalists (Blue/Green alliances) alongside artwork that delves into the relationship between the personal and the planetary as it plays itself in a variety of different circumstances. By illuminating the blocks posed by sustainable practices, the exhibition aims to identify new and existing pillars on which to build our collective futures.

We are seeking proposals from artists working in communities spanning the local to the international. Artists and/or collectives working in all genres are invited to apply. Proposals for social practice projects and performance are encouraged. In addition to visual and performance art of all types, text-based work, zines and posters are also welcome.

For submission requirements and detailed information, click here.

Featured Exhibition
Interconnectivity Revealed

Featuring studio artists: Phoebe Barnum, Elizabeth Casuga, Nancy Voegeli-Curran, Vanessa Madrid, Kimiko Miyoshi, DaAie Park, Jesse Small, and Patrick Tierney.

Running October 1 - October 27, 2015.

Marylyn & Chuck Klaus Center for the Arts, 430 W. Sixth Street. San Pedro, CA

Image: Works by Nancy Voegeli-Curran

Featured Exhibition
Angels Gate Studio Artists Pop-up Gallery

Open every First Thursday from 6pm to 9pm and features studio artists' current work.

490 6th Street San Pedro, CA

Image: Lowell Nickel, Flotsam Fragments digital, archival inkjet print, 2015

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